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Hey, looks like it this time of the year when we say some shit that we're never going to do.

Upcoming games

I'm looking toward this new year. We wil probably get some deception from these long-awaited games (Zelda TotK, Silksong, the list goes on...), but some upcoming releases caught my attention anyway.


Animal Well is a metroidvania BUT it looks very cool. The use of vibrant colors in the dark atmosphere creates an unsettling feeling. I hope it will be short.

Pepper Grinder

I recently joined the fresh discord for this game that I've been waiting for since some years. A pretty platformer with some really cool pixel art and stylish movement. Unfortunately, the game doesn't look quite challenging. We will see.

Mina The Hallower

Looks like Yatch Club Games stopped to milk Shovel Knight lol

[I] doesn't exist fuck it i'm not going to write all the title

A fresh take on the traditional textual adventure genre.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

I've never played Jet Set Radio or JSRF, but the game looks cool as fuck. I trust Team Reptile for their craftsmanship on Lethal League and its prequel.

we will never get the katana zero dlc nor the geometry dash update wake up lmao

2023 TODO list

- 3 games minimum before the summer (excluding our LDJ52's entry, Nome thy fish and my penguin bowling prototype). Probably two for my school jams, and one for the LDJ53.

- Making some stuff for the Pokemon/Mario 3 redrawn. Currently working on Johto's Mahogany Gym.

- I will have to make one smol animated sequence as an assignment, and will probably reanimate SSBU's intro [Lifelight] for Artfight.

- Finish my website. I'm going to upload some stuff on Tumblr for my galery, and write the "about me" section.

- Open a tik tok account for promotional purposes. Like Twitter and Instagram, this will be for posting purposes. Fuck these social networks. Especially Twitter.

- I'm not promising to do anything related to Planète Casio, except finishing Rogue Life (because Lephe deserve it. Like really, but I'm a fucking lazy dumbass).

That's it. See ya in 2025. I'm skipping 2024.

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